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Payment card limits

Are there any limits on how often and how much money I can withdraw?

In order to increase security, ProCredit Bank sets limits for cash withdrawals and transactions with payment cards. The following daily limits apply to ProCredit Bank payment card operations:

Оperations Visa Classic/Visa Business, UAH Number of transactions
Withdrawing cash at PCB's ATMs 50 000
Withdrawing cash at ATMs / outside of ProCredit Bank
Withdrawal of cash from cash desks of ProCredit Bank Cash withdrawals at the cash desks of ProCredit Bank are accomplished from the current account without use of a payment card on the condition of the prior order in accordance with the operational schedule of the bank
Payment at purchase locations 50 000 10
Transactions on the Internet
30 000 7
Card to card money transfer 15 000
(max 30 000)

Please take into consideration the fixed cash withdrawal limits with regard to ATMs of ProCredit. The total monthly limit is UAH 500,000 for individuals and UAH 300,000 from accounts of legal entities and private entrepreneurs.

Card to card money transfer limitations* in mobile application:

Maximum amount, UAH Number of transfers
Single transfer 25 000
Daily transfers limit 30 000 10
Monthly transfers limit 150 000 25

*limitations cannot be changed

How can I change payment card limits?

To temporarily change cash withdrawal limits for a specific account for one day, contact either:

- The Processing Centre 24-hour support team:
Telephone: 0 800 50 09 55
Telephone: +38 (044) 590 10 44

What is a CVV/CVV2 code?

A CVV/CVV2 code is a three-digit code which provides an extra form of identification about the card holder. It is printed on the signature panel on the back of your payment card. This code is also required for Internet payments.

Is it possible to return goods paid for with a card?

In order to return goods, you should contact the shop where you bought them and present the receipt, the POS terminal payment slip and your passport. Make sure you keep the payment slip after requesting the refund.

Money will be credited back to your account within 2-14 days.

How is commission charged for card payments?

If you use your card to make purchases abroad, commission will not be charged if the transaction currency is US dollars or euro. For other currencies, a commission of 1% of the overall transaction value will be charged.

What can I use additional cards for?

You can authorise an additional card for someone else, which will allow them to carry out transactions on your behalf and access your card account. You may issue several additional cards for one account: for you, your relatives, children, parents and others.

What services are available from ProCredit ATMs?

ProCredit Bank ATMs not only allow you to withdraw cash, but also:

  • change your PIN
  • check your account balance
  • get a mini-statement showing the five last card account operations

Why was the amount deducted from my card more/less than the amount originally blocked in my card account after making a transaction?

A payment transaction or cash withdrawal consists of two steps:

  1. When a purchase is made with a payment card, the amount is calculated at the Visa rate (as of the day of operation), this sum is then blocked on the card.
  2. After the payment information has been being processed by Visa and the ProCredit Processing Centre (which takes 1-30 days, depending on the type of operation) ProCredit Bank debits the sum of the operation from the client’s account at the rate on the day of debit.

As a result of differences in the rate, the debited sum can be either more or less than the sum initially blocked.

Where and how should I keep my card?

  • Keep your card safe and do not give it to third parties
  • Never leave your card together with the PIN
  • Never write your PIN on your card
  • Do not expose your card to strong magnets, e.g. mobile phones can damage the magnetic strip and thus make the card unusable

My card will expire soon. What should I do?

The validity period of a card is indicated on front in the format month/year (e.g. 01/14 for January 2014. The card is valid until the last day of the month indicated.

The validity period of a card is indicated on front in the format month/year (e.g. 01/14 for January 2014. The card is valid until the last day of the month indicated.

To re-issue a new card at any time please visit any ProCredit branch and present your passport.

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