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Electronic Deposit Safe

Электронный депозитный сейф

The Electronic Deposit Safe lets you pay funds in UAH into an account that you or a legal entity holds at ProCredit Bank at any time, if you are an authorised representative.

It is ideal if you need to deposit large amounts of money (up to UAH 150,000), as it has a very high counting speed.

To use the service to pay cash into an account, you need to enter the account or card number as well as the passport number of either the owner of the legal entity or its authorised representative.


  • maximum amount of cash that can be paid in at one-time – UAH 150,000
  • counting speed: 1,200 banknotes per minute
  • unlimited number of banknotes
  • all banknotes with face-values of UAH 1 and higher are accepted
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