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Electronic Deposit Safe

Электронный депозитный сейф

With the help of our Electronic Deposit Safe, you will always be able to top up both your personal account with ProCredit Bank and a corporate account if you are an authorised representative.

Thanks to the high-speed processing, the Electronic Deposit Safe is the best choice for depositing large sums.

In order to top up an account of a private client/individual entrepreneur, make sure you have your card with you, while for legal entities, make sure you have an account number and an authorised representative’s passport number.


  • rapid processing – 1,200 banknotes per minute
  • no limit on the number of banknotes deposited
  • banknotes may be of different denominations; the minimum values are: UAH 1, USD 1, EUR 5
Updated on 24.11.2021 08:23:27