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ProCredit Bank now accepting Diia


ProCredit Bank is continually improving its service to meet the needs of its customers and maintain its high level of service quality.

For this reason, as of 31 August 2021, ProCredit Bank customers will be able to present digital documents using the Diia app. With the integration of ProCredit Bank and Diia, customers residing in Ukraine will be able to show proof of identity using a digital passport, ID card or biometric passport. These digital documents enable travel abroad as well as access to the bank’s services requiring personal identification and/or verification, including opening/closing of accounts, carrying out transactions, updating data, etc. 

To take advantage of this service, customers only need to install the Diia app on their smartphone and go through the identification process for the documents to be made available. In order, to show proof of identification and verification at a bank branch, open the Diia app, tap on the desired document, give the bank agent the thirteen-digit code shown, and confirm the transfer of a copy of your digital document.

ProCredit Bank provides its customers high-quality service with transparent conditions. Our simple and intuitive electronic services, namely the mobile app and online banking, give our customers access to a wide range of services, all without having to wait in line. The introduction of innovation and advanced technologies is an integral part of ProCredit Bank’s business model. We actively implement digitalisation programmes and keep improving our online banking platform based on the needs of businesses and private clients.


ProCredit Bank is a financial institution with 100% foreign capital (Germany). In addition to offering loans and services to businesses, ProCredit Bank offers depositors favourable terms and conditions as well as the security of their funds at a German bank. The support of its shareholder (ProCredit Holding, Germany), membership in the international ProCredit group, and supervision by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority BaFin all guarantee the stability and reliability of ProCredit Bank.

Diia represents a new level of interaction between the State and its citizens. Everything is convenient and at your fingertips with your smartphone.

The online portal offers approximately 70 different State services and the updated mobile application gives users access to 11 digital documents and 12 services. 

The documents include the following: ID card and biometric passport for travel abroad, student ID card, driving licence, vehicle registration certificate, vehicle insurance certificate, tax number (registration number of the taxpayer’s record card), birth certificate and certificate of internally displaced persons (IDP), as well as domestic and international COVID certificates. Special attention should be paid to the revolutionary technology Diia.Pidpys, which is the most secure electronic signature available for smartphones.

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Updated on 24.11.2021 08:23:27