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ProCredit Bank joins the financial service consumer rights protection campaign of the National Bank of Ukraine


The all-Ukrainian information campaign for the protection of consumers of financial services – Know Your Rights – has been launched by the National Bank of Ukraine in partnership with the Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights. The campaign is aimed at raising public awareness of consumer rights and obligations when accessing financial services.

As part of the information campaign, the National Bank along with its partners will explain to Ukrainians their rights as consumers of financial services as well as what to do if they feel their rights have been violated.

 “There are many reasons why Ukrainians are wary of using financial services or do not use them at all. These include past crises, negative consumer experiences, and insufficient awareness of the benefits of using financial services. Today, the National Bank pursues a dual goal. Firstly, to set additional requirements for financial institutions to ensure their transparency with respect to the cost of services and treating consumers in good faith. Secondly, to ensure the improved financial awareness of Ukrainians. These are essential components that will help to strengthen the protection of consumers of financial services, as well as contribute to the greater involvement of citizens in the financial system and more active use of services,” said Oleksii Shaban, Deputy Chairman of the National Bank.

“We support the information campaign launched by the National Bank of Ukraine, which will help increase public financial awareness. Seeing as part of the ProCredit group’s overall mission is to set standards in the financial sectors in which it operates, this initiative is in line with the corporate values that form the basis of our business ethics. We adhere to the principle of providing transparent information to our customers, the public, and our employees. It is our responsibility to ensure that our customers have a full understanding of the terms and conditions they are being offered and that they sign contracts with full awareness,” commented Chairman of the Board of ProCredit Bank, Viktor Ponomarenko.

The campaign will run from March to May 2021 in all regions of Ukraine. As part of the campaign, the National Bank is launching a special landing page — Know Your Rights  https://promo.bank.gov.ua/know-your-rights/




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