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ProCredit Bank signed new loan agreement with KfW for the total amount of USD 15 million


On 8 September 2008 ProCredit Bank received the first 5 million US dollar tranche from KfW Development Bank under the new USD 15 million loan agreement signed with KfW in August 2008 for the effective period until December 2015. Besides, between ProCredit Bank and KfW there is another loan agreement in force for the total amount of USD 20 million.

Funds obtained under the said loan agreements are above all directed at financing investments in improving efficiency and enhancing the competitive edge of small and medium-sized businesses, thus contributing to job creation. Besides, the loan proceeds are earmarked to finance energy efficiency projects, especially those enhancing the efficiency of applying energy-saving technologies by households.

It is appropriate to recall that with the aim to increase the use of energy-saving technologies ProCredit Bank offers ProRepair Eco loan meant to provide for installation of windows, doors, thermostatic radiator valves and heating controls, utility meters, heaters, boilers as well as heat insulation of doors, walls, ceilings, balconies, etc. ProRepair Eco loan helps borrowers not only make their homes warm and cosy, but also allows to regulate consumption of thermal energy, electricity and water and thus to significantly save on utility bills. What’s more, applying energy-saving technologies is a good way to make a convincing contribution to environmental protection.

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