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ProCredit Bank to be a financial partner of the SME Days in Ukraine Forum


This year, ProCredit Bank will be a partner at one of the most significant national events for small and medium-sized businesses – the SME Days Forum in Ukraine. More than 400 Ukrainian entrepreneurs are expected to take part in the Forum, including the winners of ProCredit Bank’s My Business is My Life photo contest. The Forum, which is organised by the Ekonomika Publishing House, will take place at the Kyiv Expo Plaza Exhibition Centre from 10 – 11 October 2013.

The Forum will include theoretical and practical sessions dealing with business practices. The Forum consists of two full days of lectures and workshops for businesspeople. ProCredit Bank will be represented by Evgeniy Khurilenko, Head of Agro Clients Development. For more details about the Forum programme, please see http://msbday.delo.ua/program/.

“The objectives of both the Forum and ProCredit Bank – a bank that focuses exclusively on the provision of loans and other services to SMEs – are completely aligned. ProCredit Bank has disbursed around 200,000 business loans amounting to more than USD 13 billion during its thirteen years in the market. Our procedures, methodology and training are aimed at understanding this line of business. Our lending methodology allows us to evaluate each borrower’s financial standing and thoroughly analyse his or her ability and willingness to repay a loan, while at the same time being confident that the loan will foster development rather than make the client overindebted. This is the essence of our operations. We continue to develop together with our customers, being fully aware that we live in times where knowledge and information are of key importance. The SME Days in Ukraine Forum is a good opportunity for each participant to discover useful and necessary information from the large array of available data", commented Evgeniy Khurilenko.

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