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ProCredit Bank Passes First Witness Audit of Environment Management System


 After successfully completing the first witness audit, ProCredit Bank has received confirmation that its environmental management system (EMS) is in full compliance with ISO 14001:2015. The EMS was initially certified by TÜV Thüringen e.V. back in March 2017 and the first witness audit, which was performed in March 2018, extends the certificate’s validity for all ProCredit Bank branches until March 2020.

The EMS enables ProCredit Bank to monitor and control its environmental impact. The bank has no significant direct negative impact on the environment, even though this is characteristic of the financial services field in general. Its direct impact is limited to the consumption of energy, fuel, paper and water, as well as waste generation. However, in 2017, the bank not only reduced its energy consumption by a further 15%, it also used 2% less paper and 14% less water.

ProCredit Bank pays a great deal of attention to maintaining an environment-conscious approach in all lending activities. This creates a ripple impact on environmental protection when financing its clients, which is even more significant. In order to achieve this, ProCredit Bank carefully checks how potential borrowers manage the environmental and social risks of their activities and only provides funding for companies that manage these risks properly.

In addition, the bank finances “green investments”, i.e. those related to energy efficiency, renewable energy and environment-friendly projects. As at 30 April 2018, the Bank’s green portfolio comprised 499 active loans totalling EUR 59.6 million, which is 12.9% of the total loan portfolio.

Loans granted for the construction of solar power plants were the highlight of 2017, when ProCredit Bank financed such projects for the first time with the granting of three loans for a total of EUR 2.1 million. Investments in solar power were also made by ProCredit Bank directly, as in October 2017 an 11-kWp solar power plant was set up on the roof of the Bank’s head office building. ProCredit Bank is committed to supporting renewable energy in Ukraine and in 2018 it plans to increase the loan portfolio for such projects to EUR 20 million, as well as to install the second stage of its own roof solar power plant and to replace a part of its fleet with electric vehicles

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