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New Year’s Rates for Your Savings with the German Bank


In the run-up to the New Year festivities, ProCredit Bank has raised its interest rates on deposits in UAH, US dollars and euros. Starting from December 11, 2013, all clients of ProCredit Bank opening a three-month fixed-term deposit in UAH will receive a guaranteed annual interest rate of 1.5%. For fixed-term deposits in US dollars and euros, the annual interest rate has been increased by 1%, irrespective of the term.

“Special New Year offers have become a well established tradition at our bank. Our sound policies and our professionalism serve to guarantee the safety of our clients’ savings, which is an important criterion when choosing a bank. Our conservative and balanced approach to doing business allow clients to feel confident about the future, and thanks to this new offer, they can not only benefit from the simplicity and availability of our services, but also have an opportunity to earn some additional income,” comments Elena Koshyl, Head of Retail Customers Development Management.

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Updated on 27.01.2022 19:45:08