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International money transfers now even easier


Dear Customers,

To streamline our services, ProCredit Bank Ukraine has changed its principal correspondent bank for euro-denominated transactions to ProCredit Bank AG – the German member institution of the ProCredit group.

This means that when making new contracts that involve incoming euro-denominated transfers, please specify the following new correspondent bank details:

Correspondent bank: ProCredit Bank AG, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, SWIFT/BIC code PRCBDEFF

You can still use the previous correspondent bank details, i.e. Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt, SWIFT/BIC code DEUTDEFF, for your international business contracts. However, please provide your counteragents with the new correspondent bank details wherever possible. Existing agreements do not need to be modified.

Yours sincerely,
ProCredit Bank

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Updated on 01.07.2022 06:44:29