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ProCredit customers can now use Google Pay


As part of its digital transformation, ProCredit Bank aims to provide its customers with modern, convenient and secure banking services.

Effective immediately, ProCredit Bank customers who hold Visa Classic payment cards can take advantage of Google Pay.  This secure and easy-to-use service enables customers to pay for purchases using their Android mobile devices.

Aside from the security aspect, the main advantage of using Google Pay is confidentiality. Google Pay does not transfer the actual number of the card to the seller during transaction, thus protecting your personal data.

To use the service, all you need to do is download the Google Pay app and follow the instructions to add your Visa payment card to your Google account.

For more information, please visit https://pay.google.com/intl/uk_ua/about/

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Updated on 20.01.2020 11:02:13
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