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Opening of the 23rd New German Film Festival 2017 in Ukraine


23rd New German Film Festival 2017 in Ukraine

October 12 – Today, ProCredit Bank, in association with Goethe-Institut German Cultural Centre and Arthouse Traffic, opens the 23rd New German Film Festival in Ukraine. ProCredit Bank has been the official sponsor of the event for many years.

A drama by Fatih Akin, In the Fade, opens the festival. Diane Kruger won the Best Actress award at the 70th Cannes Film Festival for her lead role of a woman who loses her son and husband in a terrorist attack. Kruger dedicated her award to the victims of terrorist attacks worldwide. Chosen as Germany’s submission for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, In the Fade is considered one of the Oscar frontrunners.

During the New German Film 2017 Festival, three films from the Berlinale programme will be presented. School # 3 is the story of 13 students from Nikolaevka in the Donetsk region of Ukraine who live through the war. A Ukraine-Germany collaboration, the film by Georg Genoux and Liza Smith won the Grand Prix at Generation 14+, the Berlinale’s parallel competitive programme.

24 Weeks tells the story of a pregnant woman’s tragic choice after her unborn child is diagnosed with birth defects. In Berlin, the drama by Anne Zohra Berrached earned the Guild of German Art House Cinemas Award.

A Golden Bear nominee, Beuys by Andres Veiel is a documentary about Joseph Beuys, a German artist who became one of the main theorists of Postmodernism.

Me and Kaminski is a new work by Wolfgang Becker, the author of the tragicomedy Good Bye, Lenin! The film is about a journalist working on a book about Manuel Kaminski, a great artist who was made popular by his progressing blindness. Unexpectedly, the protagonist finds indirect proof that the blindness could be a hoax. As in Good Bye, Lenin!, the lead role in Becker’s film is played by Daniel Brühl.

Retro-comedy Bye Bye Germany takes the audience to post-war Frankfurt and tells the story of David Berman and his friends, survivors of Nazi crackdowns who dream of moving to America. The lead character is portrayed by Moritz Bleibtreu, who starred in Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door and Run Lola Run.

The New German Film Festival is one of the oldest festivals in Ukraine presenting the cinema of a particular country. All the films are shown in the original language with Ukrainian subtitles.

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