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Fees and Terms of Service

Private clients price list

Services included in the monthly fee Flat fee
Opening a current account in national currency UAH 165 (monthly)
Issuance of a three-year VISA Classic contactless primary card
Savings account Flex Save with interest paid monthly
Internet and mobile banking
Reissuance of Visa Classic payment card after the term expiration
Reissuance of Visa Classic payment card PIN
Visa Classic payment card PIN code change at ATMs of ProCredit Bank
Incoming money transfer to the account
Cash deposit to the account
Withdrawal of cash in ProCredit Bank cash desks and ATMs
Withdrawal of cash from other than ProCredit Bank ATMs within Ukraine
Outgoing UAH payment to an account of another individual or legal entity
Issuing of certificates in the bank form
Execution of a power of attorney to operate account
Opening an additional current account in USD / EUR UAH 85 (monthly)
Currency FlexSave / TDA with monthly paid interest
FlexSave Term Deposit
Interest Amount 3 months 6 months 12 months 18 months 24 months
UAH 11 from 100,000 14 15.5 16.5 16 16
USD 1.5 from 5,000 2.5 4.5 4.5 4.5
EUR 1.5 from 5,000 2 3.5 3.5 3.5
Loan types Currency Maturity (months) Anual interest rate
Overdraft FlexFund UAH 12 19% 19%
Additional terms
• Official employment
• Monthly income above UAH 15,000
• Two times inflow set-up
Amount of overdraft
min UAH 30,000
max UAH 500,000
Cards transaction Fees (UAH)
Cash withdrawals at POS terminals of other banks 1.5%
Cash withdrawals abroad (ATM and POS) 2% min 3 USD / 3 EUR
Issuance of a three-year VISA Classic UAH/USD/EUR additional card 100 UAH / 5 USD / 5 EUR
Reissuance of the Visa Classic payment card at the initiative of the client (loss, damage, etc.) 100 UAH / 5 USD / 5 EUR
Foreign currency conversion other than the USD/EUR during the transaction with the payment card abroad 1%
International payments Fees (UAH)
Outgoing USD/EUR payment to an account in another bank 0.3% min 20 USD / 20 EUR
max 150 USD / 150 EUR
Purchase/sale of foreign currency in the Interbank Foreign Exchange Market 0.2% min 20 UAH
International payments within the ProCredit group – ProPay 65 UAH / 2.5 USD / 2.5 EUR
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