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Capabilities of the mobile application

Verified by Visa helps prevent people using your card details without your permission on the Internet.

If Internet merchant is participant of the program, you’ll notice Verified by Visa when a message box pops up on screen after you’ve entered your Visa card details.

You are then asked to check transaction details and identify yourself with your Verified by Visa code sent to your registered sell phone number. Follow the instructions to complete the transaction.

For additional information please call the payment card 24-hr Support Service at: +38 044 590 10 44 and 0 800 50 09 55 or the ProCredit Bank’s Contact Center at: 0 800 50 09 90, +38 044 590 10 00.

Are there any limits on how often and how much money I can withdraw?

In order to increase security, ProCredit Bank sets limits for cash withdrawals and transactions with payment cards. The following daily limits apply to ProCredit Bank payment card operations:

Оperations Visa Classic/Visa Business, UAH Number of transactions
Withdrawing cash at PCB's ATMs 50 000
Withdrawing cash at ATMs / outside of ProCredit Bank
Withdrawal of cash from cash desks of ProCredit Bank Cash withdrawals at the cash desks of ProCredit Bank are accomplished from the current account without use of a payment card on the condition of the prior order in accordance with the operational schedule of the bank
Payment at purchase locations 50 000 10
Transactions on the Internet
30 000 7
Card to card money transfer 25 000
(max 75 000)

Please take into consideration the fixed cash withdrawal limits with regard to ATMs of ProCredit. The total monthly limit is UAH 500,000 for individuals and UAH 300,000 from accounts of legal entities and private entrepreneurs.

Card to card money transfer limitations* in mobile application:

Maximum amount, UAH Number of transfers
Single transfer 25 000
Daily transfers limit 75 000 10
Monthly transfers limit 150 000 25

*limitations cannot be changed

How can I change payment card limits?

To temporarily change cash withdrawal limits for a specific account for one day, contact either:

- The Processing Centre 24-hour support team:
Telephone: 0 800 50 09 55
Telephone: +38 (044) 590 10 44

What is a CVV/CVV2 code?

A CVV/CVV2 code is a three-digit code which provides an extra form of identification about the card holder. It is printed on the signature panel on the back of your payment card. This code is also required for Internet payments.

Is it possible to return goods paid for with a card?

In order to return goods, you should contact the shop where you bought them and present the receipt, the POS terminal payment slip and your passport. Make sure you keep the payment slip after requesting the refund.

Money will be credited back to your account within 2-14 days.

How is commission charged for card payments?

If you use your card to make purchases abroad, commission will not be charged if the transaction currency is US dollars or euro. For other currencies, a commission of 1% of the overall transaction value will be charged.

What can I use additional cards for?

You can authorise an additional card for someone else, which will allow them to carry out transactions on your behalf and access your card account. You may issue several additional cards for one account: for you, your relatives, children, parents and others.

What services are available from ProCredit ATMs?

ProCredit Bank ATMs not only allow you to withdraw cash, but also:

  • change your PIN
  • check your account balance
  • get a mini-statement showing the five last card account operations

Why was the amount deducted from my card more/less than the amount originally blocked in my card account after making a transaction?

A payment transaction or cash withdrawal consists of two steps:

  1. When a purchase is made with a payment card, the amount is calculated at the Visa rate (as of the day of operation), this sum is then blocked on the card.
  2. After the payment information has been being processed by Visa and the ProCredit Processing Centre (which takes 1-30 days, depending on the type of operation) ProCredit Bank debits the sum of the operation from the client’s account at the rate on the day of debit.

As a result of differences in the rate, the debited sum can be either more or less than the sum initially blocked.

Where and how should I keep my card?

  • Keep your card safe and do not give it to third parties
  • Never leave your card together with the PIN
  • Never write your PIN on your card
  • Do not expose your card to strong magnets, e.g. mobile phones can damage the magnetic strip and thus make the card unusable

My card will expire soon. What should I do?

The validity period of a card is indicated on front in the format month/year (e.g. 01/14 for January 2014. The card is valid until the last day of the month indicated.

The validity period of a card is indicated on front in the format month/year (e.g. 01/14 for January 2014. The card is valid until the last day of the month indicated.

To re-issue a new card at any time please visit any ProCredit branch and present your passport.

How is the index for interest rates determined?

Index values are fixed by the bank on a monthly basis on the penultimate day of each calendar month and are applied from the first day of the subsequent month.

Which loans does the index apply to?

The index is used to approve new loans for a period of not more than 12 months and to set a floating interest rate for future loan agreements that allow for a rate revision.

This index is not used to adjust interest rates under current loan agreements which are tied to interest rates of Term Deposits held at ProCredit Bank.

How often is the index adjusted?

As per the conditions set forth in loan agreements, the rate is adjusted every 12 or 18 months during the term of the loan.

Indexes are calculated for various deposit periods. Which ones are used by ProCredit Bank?

To calculate a floating interest rate, ProCredit Bank uses indexes for 12-month deposits, i.e. UIRD 12M, USD LIBOR 12M and EURIBOR 12M.

Where can I find more information about indexes?

More information can be found at:

UIRD (Ukrainian Index of Retail Deposit Rates) - http://www.bank.gov.ua/files/UIRD.xls
USD LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate) - http://www.bbalibor.com
EURIBOR (Euro Interbank Offered Rate) - http://www.euribor-ebf.eu

Dear Clients,

ProCredit Bank is continuing to operate as normal. We are monitoring the situation and taking measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Below you can find answers to the frequently asked questions regarding the situation.


For the sake of your health and personal safety, please stay at home. All of the following transactions can be conducted remotely using our e-Banking system and mobile application:

• Free transfers within Ukraine (settlement of accounts)

• Free transfers from a card to another bank’s card

• Free online currency exchange

• Opening deposit accounts in UAH/USD/EUR

• Managing your FlexSave account

• International transfers

• Selling/buying/exchanging currencies on the interbank forex market

• Blocking a card and managing limits

If you need us to re-issue your card or a new PIN code, please call the Contact Centre.

If you need assistance with a remote transaction, the Contact Centre team will be pleased to lend a hand. Just call 0 800 50 09 90.


If you still need to visit a branch, please use the Book an Appointment service by calling the Contact Centre. It will enable us to prepare for the meeting, and you will not have to waste your time waiting. It will also help minimise your contact with other clients.

• All the branches of ProCredit Bank will continue to operate during the standard opening hours, 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

• Our branches are disinfected thoroughly, and all our employees have personal protective equipment to prevent the spread of the virus.

• Enter the branch only when an employee is not busy. If all the employees are busy, please wait in the Self-Service Area or outside. Do keep the safe distance of at least one metre from other people.

• Wear a protective mask and gloves when you visit our branch and in other public places.

Please note that the Bank may refuse to serve clients with no protective mask and clients who are showing symptoms of acute respiratory infection (coughing, sneezing, runny nose).



The Bank’s card services will continue as normal.

If you have lost your card or need a new one for whatever reason, please call our Contact Centre, and the card will be delivered to your address within ten business days.



During the period of quarantine that the Ukraine Cabinet of Ministers has imposed across the whole country in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Ukraine, it is prohibited to increase the interest rate under any loan agreement.

4.1 FlexFund Overdraft Loan for Private Clients

The Bank will not charge a late repayment fee or penalty interest in cases where the client has had to delay fulfilment of their obligations under a  FlexFund overdraft loan agreement during the period from 1 March up to and including the last calendar day of the month in which the quarantine restrictions are lifted. This applies to:

- Annual interest on the used amount of the limit

- Full repayment of the overdraft loan upon expiration of the contract

However, this decision does not release clients from the obligation to fulfil their obligations after the quarantine restrictions have been lifted. At the client’s request, the Bank may allow payment of interest on the FlexFund overdraft loan to be deferred for up to three months. Such requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis, subject to reasonable grounds. To request deferment, please call the Contact Centre.

4.2 Loans for Business Clients

The Bank may allow clients representing small and medium-sized businesses to defer payments for up to three months, to be decided on a case-by-case basis, subject to reasonable grounds. Please contact your Business Client Adviser or call the Contact Centre to discuss the options.


Thank you for your understanding and support.

Stay home and use the convenient and reliable remote services offered by ProCredit Bank.

References to the laws and regulations

Dear website visitor,

We are happy that you have shown interest in our enterprise. Data protection is of a high priority for the management of JSC “PROCREDIT BANK” (“ProCredit Bank”), address: 107- A Peremohy Avenue, Kyiv 03115, tel.: 0800500990 (for calls within Ukraine), +380445901000. The use of the Internet pages of ProCredit Bank is possible without any indication of personal data; however, if a data subject wants to use special enterprise services via our website, processing of personal data could become necessary. If the processing of personal data is necessary and there is no statutory basis for such processing, we generally obtain consent from the data subject.

  1. Cookies

The Internet pages of ProCredit Bank use cookies. Cookies are text files that are stored in a computer system via an Internet browser. Many Internet sites and servers use cookies. Many cookies contain a so-called cookie ID. A cookie ID is a unique identifier of the cookie. It consists of a character string through which Internet pages and servers can be assigned to the specific Internet browser in which the cookie was stored. This allows visited Internet sites and servers to differentiate the individual browser of the data subject from other Internet browsers that contain other cookies. A specific Internet browser can be recognized and identified using the unique cookie ID. Through the use of cookies, ProCredit Bank can provide the users of this website with more user-friendly services that would not be possible without the cookie setting. By means of a cookie, the information and offers on our website can be optimized with the user in mind. Cookies allow us, as previously mentioned, to recognize our website users. The purpose of this recognition is to make it easier for users to utilize our website. The website user that uses cookies, e.g. does not have to enter access data each time the website is accessed, because this is taken over by the website, and the cookie is thus stored on the user's computer system. The data subject may, at any time, prevent the setting of cookies through our website by means of a corresponding setting of the Internet browser used, and may thus permanently deny the setting of cookies. Furthermore, already set cookies may be deleted at any time via an Internet browser or other software programs. This is possible in all popular Internet browsers. If the data subject deactivates the setting of cookies in the Internet browser used, not all functions of our website may be entirely usable.


  1. Collection of general data and information

The website of ProCredit Bank collects a series of general data and information when a data subject or automated system calls up the website. This general data and information are stored in the server log files. Collected may be (1) the browser types and versions used, (2) the operating system used by the accessing system, (3) the website from which an accessing system reaches our website (so-called referrers), (4) the sub-websites, (5) the date and time of access to the Internet site, (6) an Internet protocol address (IP address), (7) the Internet service provider of the accessing system, and (8) any other similar data and information that may be used in the event of attacks on our information technology systems. 2 When using these general data and information, ProCredit Bank does not draw any conclusions about the data subject. Rather, this information is needed to (1) deliver the content of our website correctly, (2) optimize the content of our website as well as its advertisement, (3) ensure the long-term viability of our information technology systems and website technology, and (4) provide law enforcement authorities with the information necessary for criminal prosecution in case of a cyber-attack. Therefore, ProCredit Bank analyzes anonymously collected data and information statistically, with the aim of increasing the data protection and data security of our enterprise, and to ensure an optimal level of protection for the personal data we process. The anonymous data of the server log files are stored separately from all personal data provided by a data subject.


3. Data protection provisions about the application and use of Google Analytics (with anonymization function)

On this website, ProCredit Bank has integrated the component of Google Analytics (with the anonymizer function). Google Analytics is a web analytics service. Web analytics is the collection, gathering, and analysis of data about the behavior of visitors to websites. A web analysis service collects, inter alia, data about the website from which a person has come (the so-called referrer), which sub-pages were visited, or how often and for what duration a subpage was viewed. Web analytics are mainly used for the optimization of a website and in order to carry out a cost-benefit analysis of Internet advertising. The operator of the Google Analytics component is Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy, Mountain View, CA 94043-1351, United States. For the web analytics through Google Analytics ProCredit Bank uses the application "_gat. _anonymizeIp". By means of this application the IP address of the Internet connection of the data subject is abridged by Google and anonymised when accessing our websites. The purpose of the Google Analytics component is to analyze the traffic on our website. Google uses the collected data and information, inter alia, to evaluate the use of our website and to provide online reports, which show the activities on our websites, and to provide other services concerning the use of our Internet site for us. Google Analytics places a cookie on the information technology system of the data subject. The definition of cookies is explained above. With the setting of the cookie, Google is enabled to analyze the use of our website. With each call-up to one of the individual pages of this Internet site, the Internet browser on the information technology system of the data subject will automatically submit data through the Google Analytics component for the purpose of online advertising and the settlement of commissions to Google, if applicable. During the course of this technical procedure, the enterprise, Google, gains knowledge of information, such as the (abridged) IP address of the data subject, which serves Google, inter alia, to understand the origin (country, region, city) of visitors and clicks. The cookie is used to store information such as the access time, the location from which the access was made, and the frequency of visits of our website by the data subject. With each visit to our Internet site, such data, including the (abridged) IP address of the Internet access used by the data subject, will be transmitted to Google in the United States of America. These data are stored by Google in the United States of America. Google may pass these data collected through the technical procedure to third parties. The data subject may, as stated above, prevent the setting of cookies through our website at any time by means of a corresponding adjustment of the web browser used and thus  permanently deny the setting of cookies. Such an adjustment to the Internet browser used would also prevent Google Analytics from setting a cookie on the information technology system of the data subject. In addition, cookies already in use by Google Analytics may be deleted at any time via a web browser or other software programs. In addition, the data subject has the possibility of objecting to a collection of data that are generated by Google Analytics, which is related to the use of this website, as well as the processing of this data by Google and the chance to preclude any such. For this purpose, the data subject must download a browser add-on under the URL https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout and install it. This browser add-on tells Google Analytics through a JavaScript, that any data and information about the visits of Internet pages may not be transmitted to Google Analytics. The installation of the browser add-ons is considered an objection by Google. If the information technology system of the data subject is later deleted, formatted, or newly installed, then the data subject must reinstall the browser add-ons to disable Google Analytics. If the browser add-on was uninstalled by the data subject or any other person who is attributable to their sphere of competence, or is disabled, it is possible to execute the reinstallation or reactivation of the browser add-ons. Further information and the applicable data protection provisions of Google may be retrieved under https://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/privacy/ and under http://www.google.com/analytics/terms/us.html. Google Analytics is further explained under the following Link https://www.google.com/analytics/.

4. Registration on our website

The data subject has the possibility to register on the website of ProCredit Bank with the indication of personal data. Which personal data are transmitted to us is determined by the respective input mask used for the registration. The personal data entered by the data subject are collected and stored exclusively for internal use by ProCredit bank, and for its own purposes. ProCredit Bank may request transfer to one or more processors (e.g. a parcel service) that also uses personal data for an internal purpose which is attributable to ProCredit Bank. By registering on the website of ProCredit Bank, the IP address—assigned by the Internet service provider (ISP) and used by the data subject—date, and time of the registration are also stored. The storage of this data takes place against the background that this is the only way to prevent the misuse of our services, and, if necessary, to make it possible to investigate committed offenses. Insofar, the storage of this data is necessary to secure ProCredit Bank. This data is not passed on to third parties unless there is a statutory obligation to pass on the data, or if the transfer serves the aim of criminal prosecution. The registration of the data subject, with the voluntary indication of personal data, is intended to enable ProCredit Bank to offer the data subject contents or services that may only be offered to registered users due to the nature of the matter in question. 5. Contact possibility via the website The website of ProCredit Bank contains information that enables a quick electronic contact to our enterprise, as well as direct communication with us, which also includes a general address of the so-called electronic mail (e-mail address). If a data subject contacts ProCredit Bank by e-mail or via a contact form, the personal data transmitted by the data subject are automatically stored. Such personal data transmitted on a voluntary basis by a data subject to ProCredit 4 Bank are stored for the purpose of processing or contacting the data subject. There is no transfer of this personal data to third parties.

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