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Browser settings for Internet Banking

Internet Banking is enabled by Java applets in web browsers. Currently, these applets do not work in Chrome, Edge or the latest version of Opera or Mozilla Firefox. To continue working in the E-banking system please use Internet Explorer or a previous version of Opera or Mozilla Firefox.

If the box to enter your key and password does not appear, do the following:

  1. Clear the cache:
  2. Internet Explorer: Choose Internet Options from the Tools menu. In the General tab, click Delete. Restart your browser.

  3. Java applets can be blocked by default. If this is the case, change your settings.
  4. Internet Explorer: Select the Security tab under Internet Options in the Tools menu.
    Choose the Trusted Sites Zone and click Sites. Copy the address of the Internet Banking website (https://ibank.procreditbank.com.ua/index.html) and paste it in the box under Add this Web Site to the Zone. Click Add, close the window using the button and press OK.

*** Consult a computer specialist, as your IT needs cannot be addressed by ProCredit Bank staff.

If you have problems using the online version, we recommend that you switch to the offline version:

This module uses Java and is designed to enable you to manage your bank accounts offline. Your local computer regularly synchronises data in order to interact with the bank’s server. In terms of functionality, PC Banking and Internet Banking are absolutely identical. We recommend that you use PC Banking if the quality of the Internet connection is poor or if an Internet connection is not possible (a modem is used to communicate via telephone).
Go to https://ibank.procreditbank.com.ua/PC-Banking.exe to download the offline version.

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