The group of companies ARAMIS is a joint Czech-Ukrainian company, which is one of the biggest manufacturers of laser cutting machines in Eastern Europe. The main activity of the company is the production of high-tech equipment for cutting of metal.

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Individual lending conditions

New machinery Currency Down payment Established annual interest rate for loans, for Customers
Up to 12 months 13-24 months 25-36 months 37-60 months
ARAMIS equipment
UAH От 0%* 4.50% 10.50% 12.75% 14.25%
Loan amount From UAH 1,500,000
Term Up to 60 months
One-time activation fee 1% of the loan amount
One-time extract fee UAH 500
Insurance According to the decision of credit committee
Loan approval time From 3 to 10 days
Repayment form Annuity**
Eligible clients Legal entities

* Without down payment for loans up to EUR 250,000 (or the UAH equivalent) and with a term up to 36 months or if covered by additional collateral (vehicles, deposit, equipment)
** A personalised repayment schedule can be drawn up upon request

Additional advantages:

  • A personalised repayment schedule can be drawn up upon request
  • Credit limit established for every client
  • Individual approach toward every business based on client’s situation
  • Professional team, experienced in working with agricultural producers

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