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Green Finance

We have designed and promote green loans to support investments in energy efficiency, renewable energy and environmental protection. ProCredit Bank actively seeks to increase the share of green loans in its total loan portfolio and aims to reach a level of 20%. As of June 30, 2019, the share of the green portfolio in the bank's total loan portfolio is 16.5%.

The following investments are considered eligible for green loans:

Category Investment
Renewable Energy
• PV plants
• Biomass installations
• Biogas plants
Energy Efficiency • Highly efficient production equipment
• Agricultural machinery
• HVAC and lighting systems
• Irrigation systems
Environmental Protection • Resource efficient production equipment
• Waste recycling systems
• Air and water treatment systems
• No-till and mini-till equipment
• Organic agriculture and production of certified organic products

Key advantages:

  • Stable source of additional revenue based on feed-in tariff
  • Increased productivity due to investments in front-end, energy efficient equipment
  • Improved product quality due to investments in resource efficient machinery and production lines
  • Greater recognition as an environmentally sustainable manufacturer which invests in environmental protection measures

Financing conditions for renewable energy projects:

  • from 6% per annum in EUR
  • Maturity up to 96 months
  • Investor’s contribution is 20% of the project cost
  • Loan amount up to EUR 10 million
  • Collateral requirements: pledge on shares on SPV and additional collateral unrelated to the SPV (to be defined by the credit committee)
  • Grace period up to 12 months, as well as seasonality adjusted loan repayment schedule
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