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Credit Line

To implement your project on time, you need flexible access to funds. A credit line is a convenient way to finance your projects. This enables you to use loan funds as and when needed and to pay debts when liquidity is tight.

Key benefits

  • Unrestricted use of funds up to the established limit
  • Repayment of principal at maturity
  • Flexible approach to collateral
  • Possibility of establishing a framework agreement for repeat loans, with no extra charge for re-registration of collateral
  • Setting a credit limit saves time when formalising loans

Loan conditions

Maturity Up to 12 months
Currency UAH, USD, EUR
Collateral Immovable property, vehicles, equipment, guarantee, deposits held in the bank
Partial collateral is possible
Repayment  By one payment in the last month or by 2 or 3 equal instalments
Updated on 04.07.2020 09:00:53
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