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Trade Finance

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Trade finance instruments are governed by standardised international rules and enable your business to streamline settlement charges while minimising foreign trade risks involving problems with the trustworthiness, reliability or expertise of your counterparties.

Within Ukraine, trade finance instruments will help you:

  • participate in tenders
  • settle transactions
  • meet the legal requirements applicable to certain business activities, e.g. tourism

Trade finance instruments issued through ProCredit Bank are accepted by all reputable international banks, because:

  • ProCredit Bank has been awarded the highest rating currently available in Ukraine by Fitch Ratings (London), a global rating agency
  • ProCredit Bank has direct correspondent relationships with leading international banking institutions
  • ProCredit Bank participates in the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) trade facilitation programme

You want to develop your business with minimum risks – we provide solutions:

Do you want to set the stage for new business ventures, but want to keep the risks at as low as possible?
Documentary letter of credit Form of settlement that protects the interests of both the Seller and the Buyer
Do you want to protect your business from possible default on contractual obligations by your supplier or customer?
Bank guarantee An undertaking given by the bank to settle a debt on behalf of its client should that client fail to perform its contractual obligations
Having already laid the foundation for a successful business relationship, do you now want to safely simplify your settlement procedure?
Documentary remittance Similar to a commercial letter of credit, but with a more streamlined procedure, involving lower costs for both the buyer and the seller
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