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History and Shareholders

ProCredit Bank began operating in Ukraine in February 2001 as a bank that specializes in providing financing to micro, small and medium-sized Ukrainian enterprises. Until autumn 2003, the bank operated under the name “Microfinance Bank”. The change to the current name took place on the basis of the founding shareholders’ decision to unite the banks established by them worldwide, all of which focus on lending to small businesses, under a single name. At present, there are ProCredit Banks in the following Eastern European countries: Albania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Georgia and Moldova.

In 2004 ProCredit Bank opted to broaden its range of services for both entrepreneurs and private households. The retail section of ProCredit Bank now offers easy-to-use payment cards and practical deposit products, designed for individuals with different income levels. ProCredit Bank obtained the highest international rating possible in Ukraine from Fitch Ratings.

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Development-oriented organizations including international own ProCredit Bank and determine its policy. One of their main objectives is the development of private enterprises in Europe and throughout the world. In Ukraine, the shareholders have pooled their extensive experience gained in countries all over the world and adapted it to Ukrainian conditions in order to found a bank that can provide strong and reliable support to Ukraine's small and medium-sized enterprises and private entrepreneurs.

ProCredit Holding

ProCredit Holding

ProCredit Holding AG & Co. KGaA is the parent company of the group, controlling the majority of shares in all ProCredit institutions worldwide. The main functions of ProCredit Holding vis-à-vis its subsidiaries are the provision of equity and debt financing, strategic guidance and supervision. It sets the overall policy guidelines and standards regarding all key areas of banking operations. ProCredit Holding is responsible for ensuring that all ProCredit institutions have appropriate organisational structures and procedures in place that reflect these policies, and that they apply appropriate standards for risk management and the prevention of money laundering, fraud and the financing of terrorism.

ProCredit Holding is strongly involved in staff management and training issues. It takes the lead in the development and delivery of curricula in the central ProCredit Academy in Fürth, Germany, and the group’s Regional Academies. It also facilitates the rapid dissemination of best-practice approaches by running regular seminars and workshops for the senior middle managers of all ProCredit institutions.


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