Deposit in ProCredit Bank

e-Banking gives you 24-hour access and full control of your card and deposit accounts via the Internet.


  • save time – no need to go to the bank each time you want to make a transaction
  • convenience – you can make transactions at any time
  • control – you can monitor all your account transactions and check your balance 24/7 from the comfort of your home or office

Free connection to and use of the service

Your connection to the PrоB@nking service can be set up at any branch, provided that you have a mobile phone number of Ukrainian GSM operator, a current/card account and can present a valid passport.

To access the PrоB@nking webpage, click on the following link: https://probanking.procreditbank.com.ua


Money transfers in foreign currency

SWIFT transfers – money transfers in foreign currency via the SWIFT international system of money transfers.

ProPay transfers – is a system of quick international money transfers between clients of the ProCredit group in the following countries: Germany, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Kosovo and Ukraine.

Money transfers in USD / EUR / GBP / PLN / CHF to accounts at other banks 0.3% min UAH 300/ USD/EUR 20
max UAH 3500/ USD/EUR 150
UAH 65 / USD 2.5 / EUR 2.5
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