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Environmental Standards

All of the banks belonging to the ProCredit group set high standards regarding the impact of their operations on the environment. ProCredit Bank in Ukraine has implemented the Environmental Policy which sets out a three-pronged approach to environmental challenges. The Environmental Policy is available through our employees, please write to contact_office@procreditbank.com.ua. The outline on the bank's environmental management system is presented below:

Pillar 1: Internal environmental management system

ProCredit Bank Ukraine is putting in place an approach to better understand and improve the sustainability of its own energy use and environmental impact. Environmental issues are an essential component of the training provided to ProCredit Bank staff at the local, regional and international level.

The bank has designated an Environmental Coordinator and an Environmental Committee to be responsible for monitoring our environmental performance, and co-ordinating efforts to improve it.

Pillar 2: Management of environmental risk in lending

ProCredit Bank Ukraine has implemented an environmental management system based on continuous assessment of the loan portfolio according to environmental criteria, an in-depth analysis of all economic activities which potentially involve environmental risks, and the rejection of loan applications from enterprises engaged in activities which are deemed environmentally hazardous and appear on our institution’s exclusion list. By incorporating environmental issues into the loan approval process, ProCredit Bank Ukraine is also able to raise its clients’ overall level of environmental awareness.

Pillar 3: Promotion of “green finance”

ProCredit Bank Ukraine aims to promote economic development that is as environmentally sustainable as possible. In 2008, we launched a programme of green finance products – the first of its kind in Ukraine – consisting of energy efficiency loans for private individuals and small and medium businesses. In 2011 we developed a new lending methodology for energy efficiency investments and implemented it in a pilot project in Lviv.

An integral part of this project was to raise environmental awareness among business owners as well as among our staff. These initiatives also involve building relationships with suppliers of environmentally friendly equipment and services, and encouraging them to offer products bearing the EU standard energy efficiency labels. Since the start of this programme, the bank has disbursed 3,905 home improvement energy efficiency loans and 457 loans to businesses to finance investments in energy efficiency, renewable energy as well as environmentally friendly investments. As of December 31, 2016, the bank's outstanding green loan portfolio amounted to EUR 30.4 million comprised of 191 loans.

The bank aims to use its green finance products and approach to increase public awareness and understanding. With the same goal in mind, ProCredit Bank was also involved in a number of local environmental projects in 2011. For example, our employees participated in a nation-wide initiative organised by volunteers to make cities cleaner.

Environmental Performance in 2015

Our bank's environmental performance, as well as those of the sister banks of ProCredit Group, is presented in the Annual Environmental Performance Report for 2015.

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