The SPHERE-TECHNO company specialises in the provision of modern, highly efficient and complex laser cutting systems made by well-known producers for the purposes of stamping, bending, welding, milling and turning of materials.

Official site: http://www.a-sfera.com.ua/

Type of equipment
New equipment
Down payment
From 0%* to 20%
Loan amount
From UAH 2,000,000**
Up to 84 months
One-time activation fee
1% of the loan amount
One-time extract fee
UAH 500
According to the decision of credit committee
Early loan repayment fee
Notarial expenses for pledge contract
Vehicles to be purchased
Loan approval time
From 3 to 10 days
Repayment form
Interest – every month/quarter
Principal – seasonal schedule
Eligible clients
Legal entities, entrepreneurs

* Without down payment for loans up to UAH 7,000,000 and with a term up to 36 months
** Loans in USD or EUR are possible, under special terms and conditions.
Interest rate – 5.5-7.5% per annum.

Additional advantages:

  • Grace period on first principal payment of up to 17 months
  • Credit limit established for every client
  • Individual approach toward every business based on client’s situation
  • Professional team, experienced in working with agricultural producers

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